Consulting Philosophy

No human being is an island – we all have our history and we live against the background of our origins and in our present environment with the people who surround us.

Against this background, I will advise you on the basis of systemic consulting, which supports people in dealing with inner parts and surrounding people.

My consulting work is also based on the concepts of schema therapy coaching, which works with inner patterns (schemas) and all the parts of the personality (modes).

Theoretical concepts, such as working with the inner child, are important and serve me as a basis for the consultation. We will explore your Inner Child to understand what that child needed, but didn’t get and how those needs can be fulfilled in adulthood.  This kind of awareness will also have a positive impact on parenting.

However, the concepts only become really helpful and lively when they are individually adapted. You are the expert of your life and I will advise you in the most creative and caring way possible.